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Controlled Substance Policy

At Beyond Family Medicine it is our goal to explore more natural methods for treating medical problems prior to prescribing medications, including controlled substances. Dr. Freyman will not prescribe any controlled substance for patients on their first visit or over the phone/video, and will only prescribe them for established patients, on a case-by-case basis as needed and only as part of a holistic treatment plan.

Dr. Freyman does not prescribe opiates for the treatment of chronic pain or benzodiazepines

for the treatment of chronic anxiety. She does not typically take over the prescribing of controlled medications from another physician. If such medications are required for treatment of your condition, please know that Dr. Freyman is required by law to review your prescription refill habits through the Prescription Monitoring Program before she can give you a prescription. Random urine drug screens may also be performed to ensure compliance.

Due to strict FL laws and DEA regulations, Dr. Freyman requires a controlled substance agreement that outlines how she prescribes these medications and establishes an understanding that you may only receive controlled substances from one provider or clinic. If a patient is found to be non-compliant with this signed agreement, Dr. Freyman holds the right to refuse any future care at Beyond Family Medicine.  


Controlled Substance Agreement Form

Controlled Substance Agreement (pdf)