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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept insurance?

Dr. Freyman has elected against participation with all insurance carriers and is considered out-of-network. This allows her to provide the direct, concierge-level care that her patients deserve at an affordable cost. 

After a visit, you may choose to submit a paid invoice to your insurance company in attempt to seek reimbursement if you have out-of-network benefits. Associated costs may also be counted toward your overall deductible, if applicable.

What is the difference between direct & Concierge Care?

Direct primary care is a model of healthcare that offers extended primary care services in exchange for an affordable monthly membership fee.

Concierge care traditionally bills insurance, but also offers premium non-covered medical services for an additional annual or monthly membership fee.

At Beyond Family Medicine, all patients are treated with utmost respect and VIP-concierge level care, but members of the practice have added elite benefits, such as 24/7 direct physician access and support by phone or text.

Why should I Pay Extra Fees when I Have Insurance?

At a traditional primary care office, the doctor must manage 1000s of patients and you end up feeling like you are "just a number" there. Dr. Freyman intentionally keeps her patient panel size small and really makes an effort to know you and your family well.

In addition to your high monthly insurance premiums or deductible, you will often have a co-pay for every physician visit. Most doctor offices also have a several day waiting period before an appointment is even available with your usual physician. It is challenging to speak with your doctor "after hours". But our pricing is simple and transparent, and there is little to no wait with our "virtual" office and extended physician availability. It's like having a doctor in the family!

At other "concierge" style practices, you may pay hundreds to thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for even a single consultation or annual "retainer fee" upfront. Many of these practices are owned or operated by "mid-level" or other healthcare "providers" with limited to no supervision by a board-certified medical physician. Beyond Family Medicine, LLC does not employ any staff, so it is truly 100% physician owned and operated.

Membership with Beyond Family Medicine is ideal for:

* Patients desiring easy and direct communication with their trusted and caring personal doctor.

* Patients who want a doctor that provides comprehensive care and seeks the root-cause of illness.

* Patients with busy lifestyles who enjoy the convenience of an e-visit or direct messaging.

* New parents who wish to have close support while navigating early childhood challenges, and families with children of all ages.

* Patients with high-deductible, catastrophic health insurance plans or health-sharing ministries, and uninsured patients.

* Self-insured or small business owners seeking to provide their employees with affordable health benefits.

Are there any Exclusions?

The membership fee covers up to two scheduled e-visits per month with your board-certified physician and unlimited direct, secure access to her via phone, e-mail, or text message. It does not include the cost of any lab testing, imaging, supplements, or medications ordered. Dr. Freyman has negotiated discounted, preferred rates for her patients and passes on those savings directly to you without any mark-up, and in most cases is less out-of-pocket than with insurance.

As there are inherent limitations to a primarily online practice, often membership does not replace the need for maintaining a relationship with your regular PCP. In most cases, you will still require health insurance or other coverage (such as a catastrophic/HDHP or health-sharing ministry plan) for potential events like specialist consults, advanced testing/imaging, OB/prenatal care, surgery or procedures, hospitalization, etc.  

Dr. Freyman is happy to assist in finding the right option for you and your family.

How Do I Enroll and Make Payments? What if I decide to Cancel?

Enrollment is online via the patient portal and requires a one-time administrative fee. All professional fees for services are expected to be paid in full prior to (or at time of) service, and will be collected electronically using your credit card which is securely stored on file. There are no refunds for services rendered.

There will be some forms and standard legal agreements to sign when joining, but there is no contract that requires a long-term commitment. Although Dr. Freyman hopes to build lasting relationships, you may cancel at any time without penalty. There will be a re-enrollment fee due should you choose to re-join, or if the membership option is full, you may be placed on a "wait list". 

Can I Contact the Doctor "After Hours"?

In emergency situations, you must call 911. Dr. Freyman will make every attempt to be available to her member patients at all times, especially for urgent matters. Otherwise, for non-urgent matters "after hours" it would be appreciated to wait until the next business day to contact the doctor or to make an appointment.

There is a surcharge for any "after hours" services provided.

Additional Information

Dr. Freyman has negotiated discounted "cash-pay" pricing with independent facilities and local specialists, but you may choose to use your insurance benefits to pay for costs outside the scope of care at Beyond Family Medicine and/or lab testing, pharmaceuticals, etc. You can also find lower-cost medications at several online retailers, like GoodRx, Blink Health, Marley Drug, and NeedyMeds.

Additionally, several routine and commonly prescribed medications are available for free or very low-cost (with a prescription) at your local Publix, Wal-Mart, and Costco pharmacies. 


More on Healthcare Sharing

Healthcare sharing plans are built on the premise of sharing the cost of medical health care. There is a small monthly fee that is analogous to the monthly insurance premium, although it is substantially less expensive.  

Healthcare sharing plans have many advantages for patients willing to be responsible for their own health care and cost decisions. While this is not health insurance, members of these sharing plans are exempt from the ACA requirements and exempt from the tax penalty for not having ACA qualified insurance. There are no in-network requirements and you are able to choose your doctor freely. 

​Generally, small medical bills are expected to be paid by an individual, while the share plans are on standby for major medical expenses (hospitalization, surgery, etc.)

Below are a few examples of healthcare sharing options:

Sedera Health


Samaritan Healthsharing

Liberty Direct


Direct Care + Health Sharing Solution

Direct Care for Small Business

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